Markets and vision - Market positioning and sector of business

Aston is an independent, 100% French owned company with a truly international presence in digital television. On the consumer electronics market, renowned for its ever quickening pace of innovation, Aston has successfully identified the latest trends and opportunities and adapted to shifts in demand, offering innovative solutions that are accessible to all consumers.

As a major market player, Aston also continues to strengthen its position on the European, Middle Eastern and North African markets. Historically Aston owns a manufacturing plant in South Korea. Since 2013 Aston also settled a production plant in North Africa to supply this market as well as Sub-Saharan Africa markets.

ASTON and TV reception solutions

Create wide and innovative solutions for TV reception is Aston DNA. The company develops receivers with CAS embedded for Free to View and Pay TV. On the French market, the brand has used its expertise to provide card based receivers to receive scrambled free satellite DTT offers (FRANSAT and TNTSAT), as well as Pay TV offers such as CANAL+/CANALSAT or BIS TV. Many partners and customers have trusted us for the HD DTT Switch Off in spring 2016. Indeed our products provide more for the best price. For instance, HbbTV standard is included in all Aston receivers for FRANSAT operator, allowing new interactive contents reception (VoD offers, replay, interactive EPG...).

Aston also works closely with European operators and even further to introduce cost effective DVB S2, DVB T2, OTT and IPTV HEVC HbbTV platforms.

Aston and CAMs market

For over 15 years, Aston is a market pioneer in Control Access Modules (CAMs) and boasts a clear technological lead in this area. With worldwide recognition and compatibility with all major Conditional Access Systems, these modules have set the market standard.

In 2012, Aston complemented its existing range with a new generation of CI/CI+ 1.3 Secure CAMs, in both professional and consumer models, offering an unprecedented level of service in this market.
Aston’s new Secure professional CAMs offer the highest descrambling capacity on the market, with the ability to handle decryption of up to 16 channels and 64 PIDs simultaneously. Already available in Viaccess-Orca Pro Secure and FRANSAT Pro Secure models, they will soon be available in a Conax version.
Aston is the first to market with consumer models of its CI+ 1.3 CAMs.
Aston’s new CAMs range incorporates USB/PVR Ready functionality. This patented technology is a major market innovation, allowing quick and easy CAM updates in less than 5 seconds with no service interruption. For consumers, it also allows programmes to be recorded by connecting an external hard disk directly to the CAM.
With this new generation, Aston once again puts innovation and performance at the heart of its strategy! Aston remains one of very few manufacturers of this type of product, which requires a high level of technical expertise.


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