Since its inception, Aston has successfully placed technological innovation at the heart of the company's strategy. The company has been consistently successful in identifying new trends and opportunities, while adapting to shifting demand. Even on the consumer electronics market, known for its ever increasing pace of evolution, Aston boasts unprecedented adaptability.

CI+ 1.3 Cams

CAMs - CI+ 1.3 technology

Aston is the first to have introduced on the market its range of CI+1.3 CAMs, in 2012.
Integration of the CI+1.3 standard offers enhanced content security features and ensures that CAMs are compatible with the most advanced security features of today’s Conditional Access Systems.

The CI+ 1.3 standard offers guaranteed compatibility with all CI+ 1.3 TV screens and receivers on the market. Aston’s CI+1.3 CAMs also provide support for Operator Profiles (maintaining operator-defined channel listings and numbering) and revocation lists.

Professionel Cams

CAMs - Professional CAMs

Aston’s new range of Secure professional CAMs offers levels of performance unrivalled by any other product on the market!
Thanks to the technological capabilities of Aston’s new exclusive hardware platform, these CAMs offer never seen levels of functionality.
Hence, Aston’s new generation of professional CAMs will descramble up to 16 channels simultaneously, thereby offering the highest decryption capacity on the market! They support a stream rate of 96 Mb/sec and can handle up to 128 PIDs, including 64 encrypted PIDs. Operators therefore gain all the benefits of an optimised decryption solution, allowing them to minimise installation costs without compromising reliability. In order to cater to a full range of professional applications, Aston CAMs are also available in 8 and 12 channels descrambling versions.
Available right now in Viaccess-Orca 4.1, GRIFFIN and BISS versions, Aston’s new professional CAMs are soon to be released in a Conax Contego version. Aston is therefore ensuring that its new generation of CAMs comprises a wide range of configurations from the outset, in order to cater to a variety of markets.


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