Since its inception, Aston has successfully placed technological innovation at the heart of the company's strategy. The company has been consistently successful in identifying new trends and opportunities, while adapting to shifting demand. Even on the consumer electronics market, known for its ever increasing pace of evolution, Aston boasts unprecedented adaptability.

Receivers - HbbTV DVB T2, DVB S2, OTT and IPTV platforms

Aston was the first to develop an HbbTV platform with CAS embedded. Based on a performant processor, the platform brings all the benefits of new HbbTV services and content from a growing number of operators, through both broadcast and broadband access. Aston success on the French market with the deployment of huge volumes of HbbTV FRANSAT receivers is the proof of its know-how in advanced technologies.
Aston international strategy is still under deployment through new HbbTV platforms, with HEVC embedded. HEVC is the new standard for video compression, which will quickly become a favorite in the professional audiovisual industry and on the consumer market.
Aston new platforms are available in DVB S2 as well as in DVB T2 to meet the needs of markets making their transition to this new DTT standard. The OTT market is also a part of Aston strategy, matching with consumers' new habits in TV consumption.

Receivers - Multi-room solution

Aston has developed an exclusive, innovative multi-room solution which is both secure and extremely easy to use.
Using a master receiver connected to the home’s main screen, the multi-room solution powered by Aston enables to receive the various streams on up to three secondary screens fully independently.

This solution presents a major innovation: secondary receivers do not need additional smart card, while complying with operators’ contents protection requirements. This cardless operating mode turns out to be much more convenient to use and is also more economical.

The visible results on these platforms, due to developments achieved in less than 6 months, show Aston’s capacity to make the most of its relations with its partners in order to provide markets with innovative, high-performance and economically realistic solutions.

Receivers - VOD and Catch-up TV

Quick to take on board the revolution that HbbTV is bringing to the television market, Aston has worked closely with both operators and content providers to come up with a new platform that combines Connected TV and OTT technologies with ease of use.
To this end, in partnership with Quadrille, Aston has developed a Push VOD platform which offers the advantage of being open to all existing formats, irrespective of the operator’s catalogue.
Moreover Aston has developed a pilot Catch-up TV application for satellite. By partnering with key players (Quadrille for the VOD management platform, ARTE for editorial content and FRANSAT as a satellite broadcast operator), Aston is once again putting innovation and performance at the heart of its strategy, resulting in a huge benefit to viewers.
This innovative solution, a first in Europe, will offer those viewers located outside broadband areas who are not eligible for ADSL-based digital TV packages the option of enjoying Catch-up TV service via satellite.
Aston also meets operators requirements on content's download protection by incorporating Marlin DRM in its receivers, to control the rights of encrypted content in broadband mode. The operators can thus provide their customers with enriched and premium contents.


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